Netflix Watch Party

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

Enjoy Netflix Streaming In Sync Worldwide

Download the Netflix Watch Party extension now to thrill yourself and give a break to this usual routine. Watch your favorite Netflix shows and movies for free in sync worldwide. Add your friends from anywhere in the world and enjoy HD streaming together. Netflix Watch Party is a modern get-together that enhances your fun with incredible chat features. Opt this big fish of the remote-watch-party ecosystem while staying apart from closed ones. Moreover, play any of your preferred videos in sync and enjoy watching parties together remotely for free now or anytime. In this read, you will be more familiar with this fantastic updation on Netflix and ways to use its beneficial features. Let’s explore it:

How To Host A Virtual Netflix Watch Party

Start with the most required move extension availability in your system. You need to download the Netflix Watch Party extension using either Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser. Also, ensure that it only supports macOS laptops, Chromebooks, Windows, and Computers. Consider all the mandatory requirements for a smooth process.

Once you complete the downloading procedure, you need to add the extension to the toolbar. For this, click on the “ICON” placed next to the browser’s toolbar. Now, click on the “Extension’s Icon” and pin it right there.

Here, you have to log in to your official Netflix account to access the streaming website. Also, confirm your updated Netflix subscription for a smooth process.

Once you log in to your Netflix account, click on the search bar and type the name of your desired video. Now, select the one you want to stream at your watch party and play it to jump on to the next step.

To create an invitation link, click on the “ICON” you have placed right at the toolbar of your browser. After, a “Create A Watch Party” window will pop up; you need to click on the “Start A Party” button you can spot on this window. That’s all, now you have an invitation URL, copy it and share with your friends you want at your watch party. Remember that each member of the watch party, including you, must carry their separate subscription on Netflix.

Detailed Procedure To Join A Netflix Watch Party

You highly require the Netflix Watch Party extension in your system. Therefore, download the wing now and click on the invitation URL. When you click on the link, it will take you to your Netflix Account. Here, you need to log in to your subscribed Netflix account to prevent disturbance. Now you are at the watch party; you can connect with your friends even from a distance and enjoy the video in group watch with an incredible chat facility.

Get A Thrill With HD Streaming In Sync

Netflix Watch Party is all worthy due to its excellent quality function. Get the most fabulous user experience of streaming in sync worldwide. Enjoy the quality videos, and don’t let the fun stop while binge-watching. Experience the best HD streaming and quick buffering in sync with your pals for free. Moreover, play amazing Netflix shows at the watch party and enhance the experience with each passing minute.

Enhance Virtual Movie Fun With Fun Chat

Enjoy the real-time chat feature and share the viewing experience with existing participants, no matter where they are in the world. Apparently, have a chit-chat with all the co-watchers while enjoying the Netflix Watch Party. Enhance your experience by discussing the videos currently playing, and feel like they are sitting next to you.

Make Your Profile More Appealing

You can customize your profile by putting a fun avatar and more. Also, you can set any funny or thrilling name of your’s, which will be visible to all the members while streaming and group chat. Moreover, you can design your profile using endless options in the extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can host and join a watch party on Netflix. Also, it has impressive features that make your virtual gathering more entertaining and thrilling.

It is a free extension easily available on Chrome Web Store. It enables you to have fun virtually and enjoy friends’ company even from a distance. No matter where your family and friends live, host a virtual movie party and get them close in a few clicks.

As much as a host wants. All the participants who have the invitation URL can only enter or join the existing watch party for free. A host can share a watch party link with multiple people at once and invite them to enjoy streaming in sync.

This user-friendly extension is accessible all around the world. You can host or join your virtual movie fun from anywhere in the world. Still, if you face any hassle, you can use VPN services to make it happen smoothly.

You can arrange Netflix Party with your friends from all across the world. However, before this, you need to make sure that Netflix is available in the country you and your friends are currently living in. However, you can also use a VPN to change your country’s location.